Mesura Nirmal Gas Controls

Mesura, the French leading manufacturer of gas regulators, systems and services for regulating and measuring of Natural Gas, and Nirmal Industrial Controls Pvt Ltd., India’s consolidated market leader in the field of High Pressure Regulators, Slam Shut Valves and Gas Conditioning, Pressure Regulating & Metering stations, set up a joint venture, Mesura Nirmal Gas Controls Pvt. Ltd., in India in 2014, with a vision to produce one of the world’s top lines of Natural Gas Regulators.

The brand new Mesura Nirmal plant is situated in the state of Gujarat, just one hour’s flight from Mumbai. It consists of approximately 1,700 Square Meters of Factory Space and 12,000 Square Meters of plot area.

Mesura Nirmal manufactures dual stage direct acting spring loaded natural gas regulators, covering a flow range of between Six and Two Hundred Cubic Meters of gas per hour. Mesura Nirmal will also act as a distribution hub for the entire Kosan+ range, the Cavagna Group’s top line of LPG regulators for residential, commercial and industrial use.

This new partnership aims to serve the customer base located in Indian sub-continent even more effectively and will put Mesura’s trusted Technical and Manufacturing Capabilities together with Nirmal’s Insight and Knowledge of the Indian Market into a package of services and products that can be truly relied upon.